Sunday, August 23, 2009

Salam Al-Mubarak

Salam :-)

It's been awhile since my last entry. Maybe too occupied with my lil ones.

Ye lar, mana nak keje lagi, nak layan kerenah my babies lagi, nak layan hubby lagi..


Sebelum terlambat, I would like to wish all my muslim friends and family, Selamat Menyambut Bulan Yang Mulia Ini, Bulan Ramadhan Al-Mubarak. Semoga kita semua mendapat keberkatan bulan yang sentiasa ditunggu-tunggu setiap tahun. Amin.

Last year, in Ramadhan, baby Maryam was still in my womb. Around 6 months mcm tue. I fast the first week but on the 7th day, I fainted at a Bazaar Ramadhan. I still remembered what had happened on that day. I went to Bazaar Ramadhan in Melawati, around 4 pm. Jalan2 pusing satu round, with hubby and Adam. After pusing, hubby wanted to get his ikan bakar, so Adam and I waited at the side, sebab I was so exhausted, tak larat nak jalan lagi. 20 minutes later hubby came and we wanted to go back straight to the car. Bila bangun ajer dr duduk, I rasa peluh satu badan, mata nampak hitam ajer. Sedar2, I dah bersandar kat chest hubby, dengan tangan sebelah holding me, sebelah lagi dukung Adam. Sakit sangat rasa masa tue, kepala pening, badan berpeluh2 gila, mata blur2. Terus buka puasa and minum air.
This year, I hope I can get to fast full 30 days. Since I am still breasfeeding Maryam, my menstrual period is still inconsistent.
This year, I know my Ramadhan and Syawal will be a special one.
Ramadhan and Syawal with the love ones, Hubby Joe, Adam & Baby Maryam :-)
Happy Fasting !!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Happy 2nd Wedding Anniversarry


Sometimes I think about the first time I realized that I love you...
It was as if my eyes took a picture at that moment and stored it in my heart.

Sometimes I think about how much my life has changed because of you.

I think about you and your happiness..
about us and our life together..

and I realized that you are as much a part of me now as the air I breathe and the dreams I nurture.

But from time to time, I still like to remember the first time I looked into your eyes and saw my future there.

I Love You Sayang.

Happy 2nd Anniversarry
25th February 2008

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Birthday Bash Weekend

This is weekend that we have waited for so long.
Adam's 1st Birthday Bash (es)!
  • Friday 22nd Feb- Mama+Papa took the whole day to shop for Adam's birthday party. Luckily Mama has prepared beforehand almost 50% of the things needed for the party, especially goodie bags, decorations (skit ajer), cakes, cookies, papercups+plates, etc...So today, we only went to Tesco to buy fresh foods for the BBQ@Poolside(tokma+tokpa Damansara's side) and later in the afternoon, we went back to Wangsa Maju and to buy some foods for tokmama+tokpapa Wangsa Maju's party.Did Mama mentioned to you that Guess is having sales?!? Mama bought Adam a pair of Jeans and Polo Shirt with a 30% discount!!!! Mama cakap besssst :-) (terpesong sket)

  • Saturday 23rd Feb - Three of us woke up early in the morning, as early as 10pm...okehh that is considered as early...dont forget, it's weekend kayyyy ! Wetook Adam's cake @Kota Damansara and went straight to Armanee Condo for the BBQ. almost 30 of our family members turned up.Thanks all really make our day :-)..Look How Happy Adam Is ! He really enjoyed his day. It's the only day mama let him play with the birthday cake (till comot muka n baju) and crawled around the swimming pool (w/o mama shouting histerically at Adam..hehhe)
  • Sunday 24th February - Adam is officially 1 year old !! Later in the afternoon was another enjoying birthday party for us (and yet tiring..hehhehe). We estimated around 50ppl of friends & families to come and celebrate Adam's birthday but it ended up almost 80ppl came by. Memang meriah sangat sampai the food habis and papa had to go out and get some mee goreng and 6 boxes of pizzas. Early on at the party, Adam was quite cranky. Mama's theories : sleepy + Adam was actually not feeling well (flu n throat ulcer). Kesian my baby :-(
    Adam received a lot of prizes...i really mean a lot!! Jimat duit mama+papa setahun beli toys kan :-) Btw, thanks to everyone who actually took the time to attend our small party and get our lil boy a present. He really enjoy those gifts sampaikan tido pun mesti ada toy kat sebelah dia..hehehhe
    ..Sorry there wasn't much photos on this day's event. As usual, we had kak zubye as the photographer ( ). She always shoot superb pics and we do not want to miss any single memories to be captured on that day.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday To My Precious

Adam is turning to 1 year old next week.... 24th February.
Me and hubby are planning to have a small birthday party for him.
So, to all our families and friends out there, we are glad to invite
you all to Adam's birthday party..

Date : 24th February 2008
Venue : 70, Jalan 27/70A,
Seksyen 5,
Wangsa Maju.
Time : 3-5pm

If you are joining this party, please sms me @017-2123737... I just want to
make sure the foods are enough for everyone and every kids get to bring
back their gooddie bag.
Lets partyyyyy !

Kalau ada ramai2 babies/kids, lagi best n meriah...

hmmmmm how time flies so fast.... :-)

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


It's an interesting article I got from Motherhood magazine January 2008 by Hana Schoon.


1) I can't get out. My FIL took the keys and accidentally locked me at home.
2) I spent the whole night talking to my baby and now my MIL thinks I'm crazy and is packing me to see the doctor.
3) My huge stomach doesn't allow me to drive and I cant get a cab.
4) I spent the weekend moving into my new house and this morning I cant find my work clothes.I can't find anything
that fits.Overnight my belly took on bazooka proportions and even my underwear tore.
5) Baby refuses to let me go to work.
6) I'm too nauseous to do anything.
7) My bowels are refusing to move. It's too painful to get up from the bathroom.
8) I cant take the smell of everyone eating around me. I feel like throwing up and and stayed home to save you the
trouble of cleaning up after me.
9) My calves are the size of papayas and i feel too cramped to move.
10) I got lost on the way to work.i took the wrong bus and ended up at the other end of the island.
11) I think i'm suffering from a severe bout of pregnancy-amnesia.
12) My son peed on me as i was changing his diapers. I went to change my shirt and ended up spilling coffee all over the new shirt.The dog chewed up my shoes. on the way down, a black cat ran acrossmy path and i broke my heel. It's a day of pure bad luck and i shouldnt bring it to the office least i jinx the whole network down.
13) My son is sick he is coughing violently and i fear he may cough his lungs out.
14) My son poo-pooed on his diapers and the poo leaked as he scampered all over the house and now i have a shit-load to clean up.
15) What! you mean it's Monday already!i'm sorry i didnt even realise the weekend was over (grab this chance to rattle on...) sorry boss, i had such a tiring night of crying and diapers that i cudnt wake up and think (sneeze for some good measures) going to fall sick with a cold.
16) I am training a genius baby and he refuses to suffer fools.
17) I'm sorry i cant come because my daughter is sick.My son is howling away (hold the phone near for soun effect), my MIL is breathing down my neck and my maid ran away (actually she might have gone to the grocery shopping but dont mention that).
18) It's raining and i feel depressed.a depressed worker is not a productive worker and it's not good for baby to feel dpressed when he isnt even out yet.for the sake of the rest of your employees, i'll come tomorrow.
19) I am too disoriented by the sudden heat wave to be able to find my way to the office
20) The office is full of smart people doing stupid things and i refuse to let my baby be part of that today.
21) Nobody brought cake today and the cafeteria cofee sucks.
22) My cat died. and so did my pet mouse. i think the cat ate her up and fell sick till it died and i have to hurry them before anthing else in my house dies too.
23) The postnatal blues took their time setting in and i'm afraid i wont be productive enough to get any work done. or worse, infect everyone at the office with a case of the blues so severe they'd need to stay home too.

What's your reason?? :-)

Friday, January 11, 2008

Happy New Year 2008 and Awal Muharram


Happy New Year 2008 and Selamat Menyambut Awal Muharam to all my families and friends out there. I hope it is not too late for me to wish since it is already 12 January.

Every year I make my yearly resolutions and so does this year. My resolutions for 2008 are :-

1) Become a better muslim...tak tinggal sembahyang, berdoa pada Allah.
2) Become a good mother, wife and more attention to my own family.. take an extra care of my babyboom (learn to be more patience!) and also grow more love and passion towards papaboom (not saying that currently not enough love given but i want our relationship to be blossom with romance...ala you know la kan, after having babyboom, my time mostly spent with him and papaboom felt a bit leftout...sayang..i love you till death do us apart..cewahhh)
3) To actually start my own scrapbook..I have all the materials ready but don't have the time to get creative..sigh..
4) I have this feeling that 2008 will bring more prosperous and wealth.. Hope to start my clothing e-business ASAP..i started from small last year but did not continue doing it after sold off the stocks.I hope by this year, I will get to stock up my clothes for my e-business for this whole year. So, guys, stay tune ya, will let yogoknow my website address..will inform once i got the materials..I planned to get more Kebaya Sulam Kerawang from Indonesia (and sell it with much much lower price than the boutiques), Tudung, infant's and toddler's baju kurung & baju melayu under the label of 'Babyboom' (biggest biz plan) Korean Brooch and also Scrapbooking materials...
5) one more baby perhaps????
6) Will be starting my new job this 1st Feb. I will based in Mid Valley.. Lunch anyone??? :-)
7) Be more more berkhayal and berangan.It's the time to work the plan.
8) Family trips....Brisbane-Sydney-Melbourne-One-Time-Trip, Pangkor (can you believe that I have not been there before!), our yearly trip to Redang Island somewhere in March (anyone interested to follow?) and Singapore (F1 somewhere in August).
9) To loose weight till reach my ideal number - 45kg.
10) To spend more time with my dearest friends. Miss you guys a lot!
11) ermmmm feel like there is more i should do this year..perhaps i can add on later aight..ehhehe

Hopefully, I managed to achieve all of my goals.